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Odor Control

(Deodorants, Odor Neutralizers)

  • Smoke odor removal from hotel rooms, meeting rooms
  • Trash chutes in condominiums, apartments
  • Kennels
  • Solid waste transfer stations, landfills
  • Sewage lift stations, treatment plants, lagoons
  • Composting facilities
  • Production agriculture: barns and rearing facilities, waste pits, lagoons


Portable hand-held, drum mounted or Sentinel II units. Continuous running or timer controlled.



(Biocides, Disinfectants)

  • Food processing plants
  • Transportation (cruise ships, airplanes, cargo containers)
  • Pharmaceuticals packaging
  • Production agriculture
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, daycare Veterinary clinics Homes and businesses


  1. Hospitals: after patient leaves room and clean-up is complete, fog to eliminate germs. May be walk thru, stationary, and/or timer controlled. Hand-held or drum mounted on cart.

  2. Veterinary clinics, schools and day care centers: Fog during off hours to eliminate germs. Hand-held units.

  3. Poultry and other production agriculture: Fog biocides after pressure washing or other routine clean-up operations after each production cycle. Hand-held, drum mounted (on dolly), or Sentinel II units.

  4. Air conditioning duct cleaning: After cleaning, fog with a biocide to control regrowth of bacterial or fungal organisms. Noz-L-Jet.



Fogging Water

  • Control humidity in guitar factories, wine barrel storage rooms, small greenhouses, plant preparation rooms.
  • Keep dust down and humidity up during asbestos abatement.
  • Evaporative cooling of barns and animal rearing facilities.


Drum mounted units, Sentinel II series, including water supply connections (in-line mixing optional).


Pest Control

(Insectides, Fumigants)

  • Warehouses (roaches, silverfish)
  • Under buildings (roaches) In restaurants (roaches, flies)
  • Kennels (flies, fleas)
  • Stables, barns, chicken houses (flies)


Walk thru, stationary or turntable (may be timer controlled), dolly mounted drum fogger, Noz-L-Jet, Sentinel II series (depending on size and mobility needs).


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