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Drum Mounted Foggers  

Drum Mounted power heads attach to the standard bung opening of a 30- or 55-gallon drum, as well as many 15's and some 5-gallon pails. They overcome the size limitations of a hand held fogger for applications to large areas or long run times.

If you purchase chemicals as RTUs (prediluted, at "ready-to-use" strength), you can apply them directly from the shipping drum. Screw the drum adapter into the bung hole, using Teflon tape to ensure a tight seal at the thread. Do not remove the second (vent) plug; the fogger provides makeup air to the reservoir. If the drum is vented, it may not empty fully.

If you purchase chemical concentrates, you must dilute them to final strength before application. Dilute with water into a suitable drum, then install the DM power head. Again, use Teflon tape for a tight seal. [Note: you can also apply concentrates using a Sentinel® or Sentinel II atomizing system and a water line. In this case, the chemical is injected into the water supply tubing "in-line" using a 5250 proportional injector before the atomizing power head.]

DM products are not compatible with totes or mini-bulk containers. These containers lack the proper thread fitting and may be too tall for the liquid lift of the power head. To draw liquid directly from a tote or other large container, install a small transfer pump and use a Sentinel product.

Name Pow-R-Jet® DM Pow-R-Jet® Plus DM Micro-Jet®
Model # 6329 6428 7421 3290 4180
Coverage -"throw" distance (still air) 40 - 50 ft 25 - 40
Flow Rate, max 9 oz/min
[280 cc/min]
6 - 8 [180 - 240 cc/min]
depends on hose length
Flow Control
(sets droplet size)
Fixed rate
(precision orifice)
Valve, 1 turn Precision Valve, 9 turn
Fog Droplet Size range, microns

Determined by
orifice size,
from 5 to 50 µ

15 - 35 µ
5 - 50 µ
25 - 50 µ
Liquid Reservoir Capacity

DM products come with a threaded adapter to fit the standard bung opening of 30- and 55-gallon drums, as well as some 15-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails. DM products do not include a separate liquid reservoir, nor the drum itself.

Hose / Nozzle options N/A Hose/nozzle asssemby required. Available 15 or 25 ft. long (purchased separately)
Drum Adapter
Valve & seals


Brass, Viton

Stainless steel, Viton
Materials Options SS Fittings
Viton Tubing
Viton Tubing SS Fittings
Viton Tubing
Viton Tubing

LS Motor Option

Because the life of a conventional motor brush (+/- 600 operating hours) may be too short for 24/7 industrial applications, we offer a LS motor option for DM units. LS motor brushes have an expected lifetime of 2,000 - 2,500 operating hours and are now available for 120V and 230V units. For more details, download this Tech Note.
Nozzle Construction Celcon® acetyl copolymer (standard)
HDPE (optional)
SS (optional)
Intake Air Filter 5 µ (fabric)
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