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Sentinel® fogging systems combine Fogmaster-manufactured components (power heads, nozzles, controllers, and some pumps) with third-party components (blowers, liquid tanks, mixers, pumps, etc.) for best fit with customer requirements (chemicals, concentration, duty cycle, flow rates, nozzle location and fog droplet size).

Sentinel II systems employ one or more modular fogging heads, each with self contained air source, droplet size control, and one or two atomizing nozzles. Each can operate independently, needing only a liquid supply line and an ordinary power outlet. Depending on how liquid supply lines are plumbed, power heads can be daisy chained into zones, or set for stand-alone operation. Sentinel II power heads use tangential flow blowers driven by brush-style motors.

The Sentinel 5850 and 5855/56 systems further extend this modular concept by separating the air source from the nozzle(s). They use a single blower to supply atomization air to one or more fogging nozzles arranged in zones. Nozzles can be positioned where needed for effective coverage. Zones (that is, one or more nozzles plus associated controller and air source) can operate independently of one another or in a coordinated manner. Several control options are available, including time of day/day of week timers; humidity; data input from sensor; countdown timer; or the client's process control system.

Centralizing the supply of atomizing air for multiple nozzles (within limits) allows Sentinel systems to make economical use of "ring" design regenerative blowers in more demanding installations. Customers benefit from their energy efficiency, economies of scale, reliability and low maintenance characteristics. Importantly, ring blowers have no motor brushes and are free of motor brush- and/or motor-replacement issues. This helpfully finesses the limitations of brush style motors in applications with long run times and/or high duty cycles.


Model # Sentinel® II 5500 Sentinel® II 5600 Sentinel® II 5700 Sentinel® 5850 Sentinel® 5855
Coverage area (per nozzle) Depends on application. Odor control: 2-10,000 SF
Flying insect control: 5-7,000 SF
Humidification: up to 2-10,000 SF
Mold/mildew control: 1,000 SF
Liquid Supply Liquid typically is supplied by pump, gravity feed (elevated tank),
or pressurized source (city water system)
Chemicals can be tank-mixed (prediluted to desired application strength),
applied as full-strength concentrates, or diluted in-line with a proportional injector.
Droplet Size range, microns 4 – 50µ or more. Droplet size is adjustable, set by the liquid flow rate to nozzle.
Flow Control Needle valve; variable speed pump; fixed speed pump with bypass relief
Materials of Construction

Celcon; HDPE; SS
stainless / Viton®
Nylon, Viton, Stainless steel

Celcon; HDPE; SS
Stainless / Viton®
Nylon, SS, Teflon, other
Rotameters – glass / SS / Teflon

Materials (Optional) Certain chemicals may mandate different materials of construction.
Consult factory.
Hose / Nozzle Assy

2 Nozzles
on power head

1 nozzle, hose-mounted
2 Nozzles
on power head

One or more nozzles connected to air source by pipe or flex hose.

Blower Design Open frame tangential blower (with motor brushes) Regenerative style ring
blower with brushless motor
Intake Air Filtration 5 µ, cartridge type

Use in sites with corrosive vapors or heavy dust.

Air intake ties to Customer-supplied clean air source and/or oversized filter

Compatible with any filter style
and particulate specification.
Special Features, Comments   Hose/nozzle allows treatment into sumps, ducts, stacks, trash chutes, etc. Check valves prevent corrosive gas backflow.

Discrete air and liquid components (blower, pump, reservoir, controllers) specified and sized for application requirements.

The Sentinel 5850 is primarily
used to fog water for
humidification applications.

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